How can we enhance physician assessment?

abim_2020_homeThe American Board of Internal Medicine is always seeking to evolve and improve the Certification and Maintenance of Certification processes. We believe that any changes to the programs must be responsive to physician and patient needs, and meet your and our high standards for assessment.

To help us improve and move forward, we seek to engage physicians, the public and other important stakeholders in helping us think through the future of assessment for ABIM Certification and Maintenance of Certification. Part of an ongoing effort to inform and engage the community, this site will help us share and gather perspectives.

The Assessment 2020 initiative also includes a task force comprised of members across a spectrum of professions related to performance evaluation. The task force brings together diverse expertise but will ultimately be guided by the needs of patients and society. For more information about the Task Force, watch the video above.

We welcome comments on our blog or via e-mail. ABIM will use this feedback and research targeting key stakeholders to help us determine skills required of future physicians and explore options to assess those skills.